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Week 3 - Seventy-Eight 1992 - The Weekly Song
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Week 3 - Seventy-Eight 1992 - The Weekly Song
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Just letting you know, I'm building up a fan base for you in Michigan!
I play your music in my Graphics class and a lot of people are starting to tune in.

This site is brilliant....

and I want to know your secrets for recording songs!!

-Melanie (Saysha's sistah!)

Wow - I stumbled across your blog today and love the execution and the overall concept. I've been doing the same thing over at my blog for the past 3 weeks - I am, in a forced bid towards creativity and mental illness, writing, recording, and essaying a new song every 4-5 days.

I'd love to hear what you think. Super impressed with your blog - this one is going on my radar.


LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I'm so happy you're doing this project. :)

oh my holy god. you done did it. you done wrote a perfect song, and made a perfect recording of it. you bitch.

the song is simple but complex at the same time. emotional but not maudlin. intricate but not distracting. and your guitar playing and singing are totally flawless. you can never re-record that song and improve upon that recording. it might withstand remixing, but no greater interference than that. shit, stellini. what a beautiful fucking song. i knew you had it in you. and i suspect this experiment may yield other delights. but i don't know whether you'll be able to top that one for heartfelt simple bittersweet beauty. it makes my eyes well up.

you always were stronger than me
you grew up much quicker than me
you had to learn everything i couldn't before we knew
seventy-eight was 1992

you made me watch jeopardy
you made fun of me
you told me santa was fake all the cookies i made we threw
seventy-eight to 1992

we were just barely friends
but we knew we could always depend
on nobody else
so we stuck to ourselves

i want to take it away
i wish i could take it away
i'd give it to anyone else put it up on a shelf if i could do
but yesterday
is no

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