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mark walker! i just totally remembered who you are. OMG. hilarious. how are you, dude? i checked out ur friends site but haven't had a chance to listen to it yet - thanx for hitting me up!!

hey, Ed. yeah, it's been pretty hard. my life is totally different without my dog. it's rough, but i'm handling it. thanks for keeping up with this and stopping by again. we still have to get you over for a guest spot! i haven't forgotten...

Oh my.. that situation sounds horrible. Touching song. Some of the words relate to me but in an entirely different situation. Which means good music.

- Ed

God damn it; I haven't even listened to the song yet and I'm getting all weepy. Sorry you had to part with your canine pal. Must have been some F'd up circumstances.

I just got hip to your project. Very cool that you're doing this. I've been kicking around the song-a-week challenge myself - still prepping for it.

Looking forward to catching up with your archives.

Rock on


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